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About me & my love for Nazrul Geeti


Hi, my name is Kishor. I am originally from Silchar, India. I have been living in UK, quite some time.  I am a freelance web designer & web developer. My other website is Kanchanmoni. I believe music is a Breath Of Life, it can reduces pain, decreases depression and brings about great health and stress relief  benefits & enhances our regular activities, even music  can bring our hearts, minds and even our emotions closer to God. Some time we can't express our filling to other, but through music we can express our deepest emotional feelings quite easy. I like all kinds of music, but if I have to put number then “Rabindra Sangeet” is my number one favourite. I also love Nazrul Geeti.  Like “Hridaye Rabindranath chetanate Nazrul”.  My love for the music has leads me to create this website. Most of you know our Bengali national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam has written about 4,000 songs. It is not possible to upload all the Swaralipi due to large file sizes. If you like any particular lyrics you can mail me or request at Nazrul Geeti Forum.  If I have it in my collection then I will upload it or mail it to you. NazrulGeetiLyrics.com It is my small tribute to A Great Bengali National Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam.



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